Thursday, November 17, 2016

Double Digits

That girl of ours, she always keeps growing.
 (I bet the Human Growth Hormone has something to do with it.)

This is after a School Program, with her good friend, Maddy.

 It's the simple things in life, like a 3 lbs, bag of Sour Patch Kids.

Grandma Hulse came to visit and got to celebrate Emory's birthday with us.

 She chose to go to GET AIR, so we did some jumping.

There sure is a lot to say about this girl. She is serious and silly, easy going and then super stubborn about particular things (like doing her hair- NEVER a bun) talkative and then reclusive; she is definitely turning into a TWEEN.

She's happiest when she's:
Eating (almost anything, but particularly steak, pickles, and lime chips)
Playing with her siblings, or spending time with family
Got free time (hates being rushed)
Sleeping (this is one tired girl in Kidney Failure)

Monday, November 7, 2016


The last trip Cory and I took by ourselves was back in 2009, so we were long overdue.
I've been to Maui, once with Cory back when Emory was a baby. We decided to try out Oahu, Hawaii. Specifically the North Shore, but we explored other parts of the island and fell in love. Beautiful beaches and surfing, wonderful weather, and seriously yummy food!

Surprisingly, flying is very relaxing without children. We watched movies and listened to books and slept our way to warmth.

We started the trip off the only way we know how... Poke!!!

Then we hiked to the top of a crater at Diamond Head. We had lots of energy and ran most of the steps and the way down.

Sunset Beach was just down the street and as soon as we got to our rental we dropped our bags and headed to the beach for a beautiful sunset.

Our second day, we beached at Waimea Bay. There is a large rock to jump off, which Cory did multiple times and I did once.

First, but not last, of many shaved ice.

USS Arizona Memorial on our Pearl Harbor Tour.

I was listening to the book Unbroken during the trip, and we watched the movie as well. It's hard to express in words what I felt at Pearl Harbor. World War II... and the part it played in the Pacific, were things I didn't really remember or pay attention to before visiting. The horror stories and triumphs were devastating and inspiring at the same time.

On our way back around the island, we stopped at Kailua Beach. It was so fun to play in the sand and do some boogie boarding.

I get sick snorkeling, so we didn't do a lot, but enough to say I really don't love it.

But... I do love swimming with TURTLES!!! 

We paddle-boarded on the Anahulu River and in the Hale'iwa Bay. Turtles were all over this river, but because it was murky, they would pop up out of nowhere.

Lots of surfing.

This is what I looked like on the beach, watching Cory surf.

Stepped on a gigante bee thingy.

Pork Belly with a soft boiled egg.

Malasadas on our way home!

And now it's time for another trip.